USPCA Membership

The United States Personal Chef Association is a professional association for chefs from North America and beyond and represents the interests and welfare of its members by proactively communicating and supporting the value of the Personal Chef profession. USPCA provides the cutting edge tools for members to succeed in their business while ensuring the public a unique culinary experience underpinned by the integrity and ethical values of USPCA and its members.

USPCA was founded in 1992 and is the largest professional organization representing Personal and Private Chefs who prepare meals for clients to enjoy in the comfort of their own homes. USPCA members work with just about every demographic there is, including: busy professionals, busy parents, families on the go, seniors, senior care givers, people with special dietary needs and restrictions, foodies, dieters, athletes and more. USPCA members adhere to a strict Code of Ethics and must provide evidence of business experience as well as culinary expertise and training as a condition of membership.

Khadijah Davis “What the USPCA has done for me, it has helped me stay on target.


It has a wealth of information to enhance your business. The benefits are instant that makes you more credible and helps you get more clients.

Enhancements in training, a wealth of trained and experienced personal chefs and the connection that you have through the website.”

-Chef Khadijah Davis

As a member, you’ve worked hard to build your personal chef business. The challenge now is sustaining and growing what you’ve built. And that’s where USPCA comes in. USPCA provides the resources you need to effectively and efficiently managing your growing business. From one-stop shopping for products and services to a network of sharing and caring members, USPCA is the place a sole proprietor can call home.

USPCA is not about preparing you to become a personal chef.  There are multiple ways to become a personal chef, and we embrace them all. Join the USPCA and get the support you need to be successful.

It’s never been more true: Membership DOES have its privileges.

Premier Membership in USPCA offers the complete benefits package and is available to any Personal Chef operating an established Personal or Private Chef business. The cost is $400 for the first year, with a renewal cost of just $325 each additional year. Apply now

Provisional Membership in USPCA includes all of the benefits and privileges of the Premier Membership with additional support, guidance, and recommendations that the USPCA has to offer. Within one year of acceptance as a Provisional Member, we anticipate your business will be up and running. To be considered for a Provisional USPCA membership, individuals must provide documentation supporting creation of either a full-time or part-time Personal Chef Service. In order to join as a Provisional Member you must have a minimum a Certified Food Handler Certificate. If you do not have one, you may join and obtain one through USPCA’s program within the first month of membership. The cost is $400 for the first year, with the possibility of upgrading to a Premier Membership in the second year for $325. Apply now

Student Membership in USPCA have access to all of the benefits of Premier Members (except insurance and a HireAChef listing) and, of greatest importance, access to the nation’s top Personal Chefs. The cost is $90 per year. Apply now.

Preparatory Membership in USPCA offers a comprehensive set of extra benefits for the trained chef looking to start a Personal Chef business.  From self-guided training to personal coaching, Preparatory Membership provides the guidance for chefs to work and learn.  The cost is $595, and members will automatically transfer to Premier Membership or Provisional Membership upon successful completion of the series of programs adding access to the association’s liability insurance and listing in addition to all other benefits of membership. Apply now.

Corporate Membership is designed for a personal chef business that employs one and up to five additional personal chefs. The chef-owner is considered the Primary Corporate Member and has access to all benefits and is responsible for keeping employee records/names up-to-date. The additional employee-chefs will have the core benefits of membership (liability insurance, program discounts, etc.) and will have an electronic member experience. Corporate Membership allows personal chefs whose business models are changing and now employ personal chefs to enjoy the benefits of membership for their personal chef employees as well. Contact Angela at (800) 995-2138, ext. 705 or [email protected]

USPCA will help you become a successful personal chef and sustain that success.



General Liability Insurance Coverage

$1 million General Liability Insurance per occurrence, including property damage, included with your dues (Members can click here for more details about the coverage).

Health Insurance Exchange

Avoid confusion and delays when looking for new health insurance. Shop multiple quality carriers like: Blue Cross, Aetna, Assurant, Cigna, Humana and many others with just one phone call or internet session. Access to the Federal and State Marketplaces with all pre-existing conditions covered at very competitive prices.

Marketing is critical to the success of your Personal Chef business. USPCA makes it easier with your FREE basic listing on

Consumers can find HireAChef on multiple platforms from their desktop computer to their mobile device..

HireAChef is designed to provide leads DIRECTLY to you. Information on the site is based on your membership profile so it is critical to keep your profile up to date to drive the most and best business to you.  And not to worry.  Your USPCA staff is ready to help you make the most of that profile.

“Shortly after joining USPCA, I launched my web page and Facebook page and got my information all done up for FOUR hours later I got a notice from from a potential client who had seen my profile on the website and wanted me to contact him. I hope to meet with the guy this week and may start a twice weekly cook date in as soon as two weeks!” -Chef Julianne

Education and Certification

From the National Education Conference to USPCA’s exclusive training options, get the education you need to improve your business and culinary skills.

Show your clients your demonstration of exceptional Personal Chef knowledge and skills with the association’s credential, the Certified Personal Chef. For experienced members of the association who are committed to maintaining the highest level of culinary and business integrity, the Certified Personal Chef commands recognition from consumers and respect of your peers.

Baby boomers are aging and USPCA has partnered with the Society of Certified Senior Advisors with special pricing for their CSA courses and accredited certification examination. Your professional credentials open many doors and the education makes you not just your clients’ personal chef but their trusted advisor.  See the event calendar for CSA course/exam dates and locations.

National Education Conference

Join your fellow Personal Chefs each year for three days of outstanding, speakers, hands-on experiences, demonstrations, tastings, dining and, most important, NETWORK building.

USPCA’s National Education Conference moves around the country making it easy to participate and build a network of sharing peers outside of your local community.

Catherine Richey “After attending my first national USPCA conference in 2012, shortly after launching my business, I was hooked!


The colleagues I met in Washington, D.C. became immediate friends and mentors.

Membership in the UPSCA provided me with a network of friendly, knowledgeable,
reliable personal chefs always available to answer questions, listen to struggles, and share exciting triumphs.

-Chef Catherine Richey


Business Coaching

Being a sole proprietor doesn’t mean you have to go it alone.  Whether you’re a start-up personal chef business looking to grow efficiently and profitably, or a “seasoned” chef looking for new business models or just mid-business looking to spruce up your image, USPCA has contracted with some of the top personal chef coaches in the country to provide you with one-on-one coaching to step up your business at prices you can only get through your USPCA membership.

Personal Chef Magazine

Published quarterly, Personal Chef Magazine provides a wealth of business, culinary and personal stories to enrich your business and personal lives. It comes to you in print and is available here for members.

Discount Purchasing

USPCA offers a host of products and services to ensure your business is running effectively and efficiently:

  • GoDaddy discounted domain names, email addresses and website builder
  • KitchenAid product discounts
  • National Partnerships
  • Expand your business through USPCA’s exclusive partnerships with organizations like American Express and VISA Signature to provide Personal Chef services to cardholders.

Upon joining you will receive your membership certificate, wallet card, chef coat patch, window cling and more to show your clients your professional affiliation with the nation’s largest Personal Chef organization.

Have questions? Need help getting set up or filling out your application? Would you like us to send you more information about the USPCA? Contact us!


Local chapters, an interactive Facebook group, the National Education Conference and more offer Personal Chefs opportunities to share expertise one on one with other Chefs. USPCA’s network offers the comfort of knowing you are connect with fellow professionals who share your passion, your skill and your ethics.