Liability Insurance FAQ

Why is this program beneficial to me?

As you look into liability insurance, your local agent may be able to provide options for you. However, in the insurance industry there is currently no coding or rating category for Personal Chefs. Unfortunately, this means that most option coverage’s you will be offered by your local agent will have you rated as a catering operation or general business liability. Because there isn’t a specific rating for Personal Chefs, the insurance can sometimes be expensive (varying from $300 to $1,000 per year) or may not be available. USPCA has created a unique program with help from the insurance industry. The program allows all active USPCA members to participate in the policy and receive basic liability insurance coverage.

Who is eligible to participate in the program?

The USPCA Independent Personal Chef Insurance Program is a benefit available to all active USPCA members. There is no additional cost as the insurance benefit is included in your membership dues as a member benefit.

What kind of coverage will I have with this program?

The liability insurance policy issued to the USPCA authorizes the USPCA to extend coverage to members in good standing. This insurance is a General Liability policy that provides coverage with the following limitations:

  • $1,000,000 (one million dollar) General Liability coverage per occurrence. This includes property damage and bodily injury.
  • The policy includes a $10,000 sublimit for objects in the care, custody and control of the chef. This policy has a $3,000,000 aggregate annual limit. A $500 deductible applies to each claim.
  • $1,000,000 (one million dollar) Professional Liability coverage per occurrence. This policy has a $3,000,000 aggregate annual limit. A $1000 deductible applies to each claim.

This coverage applies to situations where the Personal Chef is conducting his/her service at the client’s home. Accidental damage or injury to the client’s property or person as a direct result of the Personal Chef’s actions are covered.

The policy only provides coverage in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico.

How does the USPCA insurance program work?

This policy is written for the Members of the USPCA as a whole. This means that the coverage applies to members as long as they are listed in the association roster as a “member in good standing”. The limits of coverage provided under this policy are for the association and not for each individual member. Because of the policy wording, individual members are covered under this policy rather than each chef’s business. Due to this stipulation, the chef who is listed as a member in good standing is covered under this policy as are his/her employees or business partners.  Volunteers or sub-contractors of the chef’s business will not be covered. The exception to this rule is that there will be coverage for events and services provided using multiple “member chefs” as long as they are providing the same service and the event or service coincides with the covered operations listed below.

What kinds of services are covered by the USPCA insurance program?

Below is an explanation of the operations covered under this policy:

Policy Wording: Personal Chef Services in a Client’s Home

Description: This policy wording applies to the “standard services.” Standard services include the preparing and freezing of meals for the client’s later consumption (example: five by four services). There are no limits on number of prepared and frozen meals that can be cooked in one standard service. There is no food service allowed under this type of service.

This policy wording also applies to “meal services.” Meal services involve the preparing and serving of meals taking place in a client’s home to specifically invited guests. The maximum number of guests allowed per meal service is 30. This number of guests stands as is regardless of the number of member chefs present. This policy is not intended to cover any “Come One, Come All” types of situations (i.e. a block party where the number of guests is not known and the meal is not the primary reason for the event). Due to the General Conditions above, there will be no coverage for any hired help (i.e. servers, sous chefs, etc.) that are not USPCA members in good standing.

Policy Wording: Cooking Classes in a Client’s Home

Description: This policy wording applies to the provision of instructional cooking classes conducted at a client residential location. The term chef or instructor will identify the USPCA member conducting the class. The term student or participant will refer to a person involved in the class and receiving instruction. The chef will conduct the instructional class and take all reasonable precautions to provide for a safe instructional environment. The class size will be limited to ten (10) participants or less. Insurance coverage is for actions by the chef and provides property damage and bodily injury coverage like that provided during a Personal Chef Service. This policy is not coverage for participants. This policy will not provide coverage in the event a student is injured (by self or other student), or property damage occurs as a result of student actions.

Policy Wording: Store Demonstrations

Description: This policy wording applies to cooking demonstrations or handing out of samples at a store location. This coverage is not intended to cover operations of any kind at a location that is not a store (i.e. a convention center or other commercial building). A demonstration refers to an event in which there is no spectator participation. The classic example of a store demonstration is handing out samples at a grocery store.

These descriptions are for illustration purposes only. All coverages are subject to actual terms, conditions, limitations and exclusions of the policy forms. In the event of a discrepancy between the summary and the policy forms, the policy forms will supersede this description.


The following situations are not covered by this policy:

  • Catering
  • Use of a commercial kitchen
  • Demonstrations where a client, guest or spectator participates in the event.
  • Cooking Classes conducted any place other than a client residence
  • Theft
  • Injury or damages to the Personal Chef
  • Non-compliance with the USPCA Code of Ethics resulting in a claim will not be covered
  • Purchase of, or serving of, alcoholic beverages for consumption (wine, sherry, etc is allowable as a recipe ingredient)
I already have Business Owners insurance Policy. How does this program affect me?

The USPCA insurance program is a basic liability insurance program and will provide you with basic liability insurance coverage in addition to your existing policy.

Since I already have insurance coverage, can I maintain my membership without the insurance benefit?

Your USPCA membership encompasses many benefits that are included in your membership fee. Since, we do not charge for individual membership benefits, we cannot exclude a membership benefit for a member. It’s similar to an automobile purchase. The car comes with the windshield wipers even if you don’t want them or need them.

I am a USPCA member currently operating my business outside the USA. Will I be able to take advantage of the insurance program benefit?

The USPCA insurance program only provides coverage in the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico. So if you operate your business in another country, you will not be covered under the USPCA insurance program.

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