USPCA Code of Ethics

The mission of the United States Personal Chef Association is to maintain the highest standards of conduct of each active member, expect each member to adhere to a code of ethics, assist each member in maintaining a successful personal chef business, encourage participation in sponsored conferences, promote healthy and safe kitchen practices, and enforce the rules laid out in the code of ethics.

This Code of Ethics ensures the highest quality of service, cleanliness, and safety associated with the service.

Code of Ethics

As a USPCA Personal Chef and in the interest of maintaining the highest business standards, I promise to:

  • Provide healthful, nutritious, and delicious meals at an affordable price.
  • Create menus based on the client’s needs and preferences.
  • Use only the freshest meat, fish, vegetables, fruits, and quality ingredients.
  • Maintain a professional and positive image of their business and the USPCA. Always act according to all State and Federal laws and regulations, particularly in food preparation and health standards.
  • Respect for the client’s home, property, belongings, and privacy, always acting discreetly and as a family member.
  • Keep confidential any information about the client I may know due to work in their home.
  • Prompt return of phone messages and e-mail contacts.
  • Full disclosure of any/all information requested by the client regarding the preparation of meals.
  • Leave clear, concise storage and heating directions for meals prepared.
  • Continued education in culinary arts and staying abreast of changes within the industry.

Each USPCA Personal Chef will always adhere to the above Code of Ethics. Should you feel these standards are not being represented, as a client, you are encouraged to discuss this with your Personal Chef.