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ALERT: Over the next few days USPCA will be making significant updates to the USPCA website. That includes moving to a new DNS server. The move could disrupt access for a brief period of time and we apologize in advance if that happens. The new changes to the site are dynamic allowing for easier access and flow and we hope you appreciate the changes when they launch (and you WILL notice when it launches).

Welcome to the United States Personal Chef Association

The United States Personal Chef Association is a professional association for chefs from the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada and represents the interests and welfare of its members by proactively communicating and supporting the value of the Personal Chef profession. USPCA provides the cutting edge tools for members to succeed in their business while ensuring the public a unique culinary experience underpinned by the integrity and ethical values of USPCA and its members.
USPCA was founded in 1992 and is the largest professional organization representing Personal and Private Chefs who prepare meals for clients to enjoy in the comfort of their own homes. Our chefs work with just about every demographic there is, including:  busy professionals, busy parents, families on the go, seniors, senior care givers, people with special dietary needs and restrictions, foodies, dieters, athletes and more.  USPCA members adhere to a strict Code of Ethics and must provide evidence of business experience as well as culinary expertise as a condition of membership.
Members enjoy a host of exclusive member benefits including a business and professional liability insurance policy that is included in membership; a business listing on our exclusive HireAChef portal; education opportunities from our Members Forum; Personal Chef Magazine (the only periodical for personal chefs by personal chefs), and our National Education Conference.
In addition to continuing education opportunities, USPCA offers guidance and recommendations for those looking to become a Personal Chef, and at the opposite end of the spectrum, the exclusive Certified Personal Chef credential for seasoned Personal Chefs. The CPC designation is available only to existing Personal Chefs as a marker of their commitment to professionalism.
This and more makes USPCA home to the nation’s top Personal Chefs. Join today.