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USPCA Corporate Member Chefs

USPCA recognizes the changing landscape of the personal chef field.  Many chefs are creating businesses that employ other chefs to expand their overall company reach.  The USPCA still provides value to all of those chefs, and the Corporate Membership category is designed to provide that value in a dues structure specifically for the corporate member and their employees.

Corporate Membership is designed for a personal chef business that employs one and up to five additional personal chefs. The chef-owner is considered the Primary Corporate Member and has access to all benefits and is responsible for keeping employee records/names up-to-date. The additional employee-chefs will have the core benefits of membership (liability insurance, program discounts, etc.) and will have an electronic member experience. Corporate Membership allows personal chefs whose business models are changing and now employ personal chefs to enjoy the benefits of membership for their personal chef employees as well.

The Primary Corporate Member must provide USPCA with proof of their business structure (business license/permit, EIN, website, etc.) as well as fully executed employment agreements with the other chefs who will be covered under their corporate membership.

Membership dues are as follows:

Initial Fee Annual Renewal
PrIMARY PLUS One $600 $475
PrIMARY PLUS Two $650 $520
PrIMARY PLUS Three to Five $725 $650

What are the benefits of Corporate Membership?

The primary member are eligible for all of the regular benefits of USPCA membership.  Employee members also receive USPCA benefits but any print and mail related benefits will be provided digitally instead.  All members, primary corporate and their employees, are covered under the USPCA umbrella liability insurance policy.

Chef-Owner Employee Chefs
General liability insurance
Personal Chef Magazine (hard copy)
Personal Chef Magazine (electronic) listing
Full Access to member site
Member Discounts
Conference Discounts

I am so glad to be a Corporate Member of the USPCA. When I switched my business model to include hiring personal chefs to work for me I wanted all of them to be USPCA members. It was going to be an expensive proposition, but I truly believe in the benefits of the organization and that it would make my chefs that much more productive and engaged in the business. They benefits come from reading the PC Magazine, attending local Chapter events, learning from other chefs at the Annual Conference or via social media, and member contacts. They also have access to the health insurance component, which my small business does not provide. I am so very glad that the corporate leadership at USPCA saw the changes in the industry and developed the Corporate Membership. For a little more than the cost of 1 ½ memberships I have the 3 of us as members of USPCA. I feel this is a great benefit to my chefs as well as to the business and am thankful to have this great opportunity available. Now they can continue to grow and become Certified Personal Chefs as well. -Chef Shirley

What are the requirements to become a Corporate Member?

The primary corporate member must provide proof of their business (business license, etc) as well as proof of employment of their personal chef employees. Occasional chefs who support events on an on-call basis do not qualify for corporate membership. Employee chefs must work on a regular and consistent basis for the primary corporate member. Employee chefs’ insurance coverage is only valid while working for the business of the primary chef. The insurance is not valid for moonlighting on their own or with another company. The Chef would have to secure their own membership with USPCA under their company to be eligible for coverage outside of the primary chef’s business.

Can I become a Corporate Member if I am already a Premier Member?

Current members who are premier members and have changed their business model are eligible for corporate membership.  USPCA’s team will assist in rolling the primary corporate member and their employee members into a single renewal cycle.

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