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Chef Monica Thomas offers three extensive training videos created just for Personal Chefs. Here is what you get with the videos:


The Basics

This video covers the Who What Where When and How of the fabulous Personal Chef world. Let veteran Personal Chef Monica Thomas walk you through the basics of this ultra-flexible business.

In this video, Chef Monica will teach you:

  • Terminology and lingo
  • The difference between Personal and Private Chefs and why this is important
  • What services are typically offered by a Personal Chef
  • Sizes of services beginning with the industry standard 5 x 4
  • Frequency of service and how that impacts your schedule
  • The basics of the in-home interview

A Day in the Life of a Personal Chef

Continue the learning in this video as you accompany Chef Monica Thomas while she cooks a service for a client. Along the way you will learn:

  • When a cook day actually begins (it’s not when you think!)
  • Tips for efficient menu planning
  • What to carry with you
  • A peek inside chef’s tool kit
  • Practical methods for streamlining the cook day
  • Cooling and packaging

The Business of Being a Personal Chef

In this third video, Chef Monica Thomas takes you by the hand and answers pressing questions that have nothing to do with cooking! You'll discover:

  • Methods for costing/pricing your services
  • Whether contracts or service agreements are necessary
  • Methods to use in determining what to charge for parties
  • Variations on the traditional personal chef services that can generate income
  • Ways to market and find your ideal clients, both low-tech and beyond

Once your payment is processed, you will be emailed a link for the videos.